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You are welcome to visit St. Peter’s on Sunday mornings to experience the divine through our Anglican Worship.  We have three services (two in the summer) that reflect different worship styles.  Click to our worship page to learn more about our worship.

St. Peter’s offers Sunday School for children and youth, opportunities to outreach to those in need, opportunities to learn about Jesus and his teachings, opportunities to come together in fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ, opportunities to grow in your spiritual life.  We are an inclusive church that welcomes all God’s children.

If you are enjoying St. Peter’s, provide the church with your contact information and we’ll include you in parish communications and consider you an active parishioner.

If you would like to take the next step and become a member of St. Peter’s Church, there are basically three ways to do that:

  • I am already an Episcopalian but my membership is registered in another church. ACTION: Contact your previous church and ask for a “Letter of Transfer”to transfer your membership from your previous church to St. Peter’s.  Once the Letter of Transfer is received at St. Peter’s, you will be notified and your name and those of any of your family members will be entered into St. Peter’s Parish Register.  If you need help with this, please contact the Parish Office art 410-742-5118
  • I am a baptized Christian but not an Episcopalian and I am interested in being received into the Episcopal Church so I can become a member of St. Peter’s Church. ACTION:  Sign up and attend an Inquirer’s Class so you can be received by the Bishop when he visits in January – see the LEARN PAGE for information about the Inquirer’s Class.
  • I am not baptized but wish to be a member of St. Peter’s Church. ACTION: Contact Fr. David Michaud in the Parish Office at 410-742-5118 about the Adult Baptism Class which meets January – April. Candidates would be baptized on Easter Eve and would then become Episcopalian and members of St. Peter’s Church.

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