Have you considered placing flowers on the altar?

Sometimes it is the simple things in life that we overlook when life gets busy and at times, we may take for granted the many blessings that bring great joy to our lives and the lives of others   The altar flowers may just be one of those blessings that brings us joy but we just don’t think that much about them unless reminded how important they really are.  They are a beautiful and fragrant offering to God, they enhance our Sunday worship service, and are a great way to celebrate life’s major events such as birthdays, anniversaries, baptism’s and to remember those loved ones no longer with us. We see them on the altar every Sunday except during Advent and Lent and we just assume they will always be there.

In many instances, the flower arrangements that are a week old are used to make small arrangements to take to those homebound parishioners who are unable to attend Sunday service.   Those parishioners are extremely happy and grateful to receive them.   A double blessing!!   Yet many times, we just don’t think to reserve altar flowers, we may think it will be too expensive a proposition, or we just don’t know the process to reserve them.   With this in mind, an Altar Guild Flower brochure has been created to answer your questions about the process of reserving flowers.  It includes step by step instructions, phone numbers for local florists, as well as price points for flower arrangements and seasonal colors.  The Altar Guild encourages you to consider making an offering to this important ministry and we thank you in advance for your support!!!

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