St. Peter's Parish Library

Welcome to St. Peter's Parish Library!

The mission of the St. Peter's Parish Library is to maintain a collection of books and media resources that support Christian education and spiritual formation as well as nurture our Christian faith, curiosity and experience in our community and the world around us.

Library Book Wish List:

The Library Book Wish List for the month of May consists of the following 3 books. You are welcome to contribute a copy of the book or money to go towards the purchase of a book.

Love is the Way: Holding on to Hope in Troubling Times by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

Opening the Prayer Book by Jeffery Lee

To Bless the Space Between Us: A Book of Blessings by John O'Donahue

Library Renewal Project

The St. Peter's Parish Library will be undergoing a renewal and renvovation process. The existing books, audiobooks and other material will be reviewed to determine how they might contribute to our over all mission for Christian education, spiritual formation and growth. With limited space, the existing selection will need to be purged in order to make room for new material. Any collector's item type books, such as antique BCP and Bibles, will be stored in the parish archives for safe keeping.

PHASE I - Audiobooks

The audiobooks have been removed and have gone to a good home. On to Phase II!

PHASE II - Book Review

The second phase will be to review all of the existing books on the shelves to determine how well they meet our mission. There are several very good books that will absolutely remain; however, there are also various books that are outdated and are either no longer relevant or are not as relevant as some titles currently on the market. This phase has been completed.

PHASE III - Book Inventory Rebuild

The last phase of the renewal project is to rebuild the book selection inventory as new space on the shelves comes available. A Library Wish List is being developed and will be made available soon. Donations can be made in the form of money or a book from the Wish List.

The new Library will have books on topics such as:

The history of the Episcopal church, Bibles and Bible study programs, devotionals, the saints, Christian spirituality, church architecture and a variety of Christian fiction books as well. We would also like to include books written by various Episcopal theologians such as Bishop Michael Curry and Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury.

Thank you for your patience and support as the library is undergoing its renewal. Feel free to contact Parish Librarian Jeanne Whitney if you have any questions or would like to share ideas.


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