Parking for St. Peter’s Church in Salisbury, MD

St. Peter’s is a downtown church with a small parking lot in back of the church. On Sundays, that parking lot is reserved for disabled parking. Most worshipers park in public parking lots near the church along Church Street on Sundays. It is FREE  to park in these lots on weekends and holidays, and weekdays before 8am and after 5pm. If you are visiting the Parish Office during the week, park in St. Peter’s parking lot off Church Street behind the church .

There is also 2 hour free parking during the week at the city parking garage 3 blocks from the church.

There is plenty of free parking at these public parking lots for Sunday services, especially along Church St.

During the week M-F 8am to 5pm (except holidays) there is metered parking you can use. Don’t park in permit spaces during the week.


St. Peter’s Parking Lot is here. On Sundays this lot is limited to disabled parking only.

The 2-hour free parking garage is here