Stewardship at St. Peter’s

On behalf of the Stewardship Committee, I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who made a pledge to St Peter's Church for 2024. An extra special "thank you" is extended to those of you who generously responded to "Phase Two" of the campaign by increasing their original pledges. These are challenging times in matters of personal finance, and I sincerely appreciate the sacrifices made by each of you to enable St Peter's to continue its ministries.
With best wishes for the New Year, I am,
Yours truly,
Ernie Cornbrooks
Stewardship Chair.


To the members of the St. Peter's family:

As of this date, the 2024 Stewardship Campaign is a failure, due to the inadequate amount of pledging. If this goes unresolved, there will be a financial crisis which will make necessary for the Vestry to make changes in the ministries of St Peter's, some of which could be irreversible.

I recommend that you read Fr David's report in Wednesday's Peter's Post for details. Just to finance next year's budget at the 2023 level, we will need $24, 000 in additional pledges. To fund the proposed budget for 2024 well will need $134,000 in additional pledges.

One anomaly of this year's campaign is that although three times as many pledgers increased their pledges as those who decreased their pledges, the average pledge decreased by $229.00. If everyone who has pledged would increase their pledge by $229.00, we would be close to funding next year's budget at the 2023.level.

There are fifteen pledgers who have not renewed for next year, but if they pledge at the level which they did last year, we would have an additional $40,000+ towards next year's budget.

Approximately one hundred pledge cards were sent to people who attend services on a more or less regular basis. If each of them was to pledge $100.00 per month, we would meet our goal.

With this letter, we are going to start Phase Two of the Stewardship campaign, with a conclusion date of December 19, the day before the Vestry meets to decide on the budget.

I recognize that all of us are dealing with inflation which limits your financial resources; and that everyone receiving this letter has additional unique situations which will affect his or her ability to contribute to this campaign. Nevertheless, I ask each of you to prayerfully reflect on what you can do to prevent the pending financial crisis, and enable St Peter's to have the funding required to fulfill all of its ministries.

Please complete the enclosed pledge card and return it to St Peter's as soon as possible.

With respect and thanks,

I am sincerely, Ernie Cornbrooks


 The Annual Giving Campaign for 2024 has brought in 99 pledges totaling $335,215.  The good news is that half of pledging households increased their pledges – thank you! The bad news is that those who kept their pledge the same or decreased their pledge or decided not to pledge have kept the total below what is needed to finance St. Peter’s ministries and operations in 2024.

Just to reach last year’s pledge total amount of $359,324 would require an additional $24,000.  But what is needed to finance the 2024 budget is $134,000 in additional pledges.  This is because we don’t have any government grants this year to subsidize our income, and inflation has raised costs in many areas.

If the parish cannot bridge this gap in funding, the Vestry will have to consider major operational reductions for 2024.  St. Peter’s is in danger of cutting staff, reducing the number of services and decreasing ministries to deal with a potential shortfall of funds.

Stewardship Chair Ernie Cornbrooks is reaching out to those who have yet to pledge with an urgent appeal to turn in a pledge card.  He is also asking those who have made a pledge to consider increasing their pledge and/or to make a gift to St. Peter’s that can be deferred to 2024.  All new pledges, increases in pledges and gifts are needed to avert a funding crisis in the parish.

YOU CAN Pledge right now with the online pledge form to the right.  Or fill out a pledge card and mail or turn it in to the Parish Office.  Thank you.

October 2023:  Annual Campaign Appeal

“What we have spent, we had. What we keep, we lose. What we give, we have.”

Dear St Peter’s Church family and friends,

Our parish has successfully overcome the Covid epidemic and its assorted trials and tribulations. We have emerged stronger than before. Membership is increasing slowly, but surely. Our online worship ministry is a stunning success. Our music ministry has a new director, and promises to become increasingly robust. Other ministries are thriving. Our property is being maintained properly. The news is mostly good.

In the Episcopal Church, the scope of stewardship includes giving back to God in grateful thanksgiving for all our blessings in time, talent, and treasure. Of necessity, this letter will focus on “treasure.”

Just to survive, St Peter’s has to pay its bills, and it has to support its clergy and staff, who have to pay their bills. Our principle physical assets consist of two “elderly” buildings which require dedicated maintenance. All of our ministries, youth, music, outreach, etc., require financial support. These facts should be obvious, but there are some less obvious facts which fall into the category of “not so good news.”

For example, St. Peter’s begins each calendar/fiscal year with three built in deficits. First, each year, there is attrition which results when financial supporters die or move away. In 2022, that attrition was $18,500, and it has to be recouped. Second, we were fortunate this year to receive a one-time grant of $38,000 in federal Employee Retention Credit funds that won’t be there in 2024.  Third, there is the matter of inflation, which is our common nemesis. Currently, the annual rate of inflation is roughly 4.9 percent, which means St Peter’s has to increase pledging by $17,542 just to “keep up” with inflation.

I am sure that we all agree that we need to do more than just stand still, which is why St. Peter’s needs your generous pledging support for 2024. It should be our common goal to do far more than just keep what is already in place. It should be our common goal to build on what we have to serve our parish family and the greater community much better than what we already are doing.

The “gold standard” for giving is the tithe or ten percent of income. Admittedly, that is a stretch for just about everybody receiving this letter, but why not make it a goal to strive for, moving closer to that standard each year?

Thank you for your support of St. Peter’s Church.  Please prayerfully consider making a pledge for 2024, and please be as generous as you can be.

Stewardship Thanksgiving Sunday is Sunday, October 22nd, when you will have the opportunity during our Sunday worship services to place your pledge card on the altar in grateful thanksgiving.  This date is also important because the Vestry needs to begin work on the 2024 budget.

Pledges can also be made online by filling out the form on your right.  All pledges are asked to be submitted by December 1.


-Ernie Cornbrooks

Stewardship Committee Chair

P.S.  Do you know where I got that quote at the beginning of this letter?  It’s from my great grandmother, Elizabeth Slaughter Bratton:  Words to live by.  Thank you for your care and support of our church.



How much to give?

The standard of giving in the Episcopal Church is the Tithe (10% of income). If that is difficult, you may want to work toward the tithe in 2024 by incrementally increasing your giving each year to help St. Peter’s realize our vision. What you pledge in thanksgiving to God and to further God's mission is up to you. Thank you for your prayerful consideration.

We are stewards, caretakers of God’s gifts. Everything we have was a gift from God, and God asks us to use it all for God’s purposes.


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