Stewardship at St. Peter’s

Storyteller Robert McKee said true character is revealed by the choices made under pressure. One of the pressures faced annually is stewardship: How much do I/we pledge each year to keep our faith community working? In 2020, the challenges have been unique: whether it be scrambling for equipment to start online worship services, coordinating technology and people for Zoom meetings and events, mastering Internet complexities for music performances that send the spirit smiling, and beginning some not-always-easy health protocols to reopen for worship.

The pressures have been great, but the St. Peter’s motto, “To Know and To Share the Love of Christ,” is a reminder of why we are stewards. Some 85% of the church’s income comes from pledges and what we give has a powerful impact. Every pledge is important – and your pledge to St. Peter’s is essential for our future.

Twice in its history the church has burned to the ground, and each time rebuilt more beautiful and more vigorous than before. Christ is still working through this parish—and through you—so how can a Pandemic defeat us?

Would you please prayerfully consider making a pledge to your faith community for 2021?

FOR PARISHIONERS:  On Stewardship Thanksgiving Sunday, October 25, we gather Stewardship Pledge Cards from parishioners and place them on the altar at St. Peter's  in grateful thanksgiving. Mail or turn in your pledge card so it can be part of those placed on the altar Oct. 25.   Pledge cards may also be filled out at any time and sent to the attention of the Stewardship Committee Chair a St. Peter's Church, 115 St. Peters St, Salisbury, MD 21801. Click the button on the right for a Parishioenrs Pledge Card.

FOR FRIENDS OF ST. PETER'S: If you are not a parishioner but are participating in the livestream worship services, music offerings, Daily Prayer, Bible Study or ministry zoom calls, we consider you a Friend of St. Peter's and invite you to make a commitment as a "sustaining member"  by:

  1. making a reoccurring on-line gift to our general fund (see online giving info on our Give page) and letting us know; or
  2. committing to sending regular checks in the mail to support St. Peter's work and letting us know.

To pledge your support please fill out a Friends Pledge Card by clickingh on the button on the right.

Thank you!