St. Peter's Youth Group


St. Peter’s Youth Group is open to young people in middle or high school.

We believe each student is created and loved by God, and we seek to create a place where students can find a home while learning more about faith.

St. Peter’s Youth Group aims to capture the minds and imaginations of students so they will live for Christ, embrace one another as family, and show Christian love to our community and the world.

Our youth meet monthly on Sundays for the Gathering as well as for numerous special events, programs, retreats, and trips throughout the year.

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Youth Group kitchen
Youth Group Christmas
Youth Group Food Bank

Below are links to publications that may be helpful for parents.

Never Better A Time For Family Prayer
Crisis Parent Conversation Guide - PreSchool
Crisis Parent Conversation Guide - Elementary
Crisis Parent Conversation Guide - MS
Crisis Parent Conversation Guide - HS
Anxiety Parent Conversation Guide - MS
Anxiety Parent Conversation Guide - HS


St. Peter’s Church awards two scholarships each year.  The Van der Bogart scholarship is open to any resident of Wicomico County.  The Reeves scholarship is awarded to a member of St. Peter’s Church.  Click here for more information.