Pastoral Care

The St. Peter's Church Pastoral Care Committee was formed in 2013 by the Vestry of St. Peter's Episcopal Church in order to be responsive to the needs of parishioners. The committee is comprised of the Assistant Rector as chair, a vestry liaison, and four to five members of the parish. the Committee meets quarterly and oversees the ministries of the Parish Caring Team, the Lay Eucharistic Visitors, and The Comforters.

The Comforters

The Comforters are a group of ladies who meet every Monday morning at 10:00 a.m. in a zoom meeting to participate in a Bible study and to pray for the people of the parish, those in local, state or federal government, those serving in the armed forces, or those who have been placed on the Comforter Prayer list. If there is particular need for prayers, a member of The Comforters sends an email to those who are willing to pray for that situation, as well as any others that may arise. Membership is mostly comprised of members of St. Peter's Church; however, anyone is welcome to join.  To send a prayer request contact Trudy Day at; or call the Parish Office: 410-742-5118.

Heart and Hands Knitting Ministry

This group of knitters and crocheters meets on the 2nd Monday night of each month at 7PM in the Parish Parlor for fellowship while knitting! Prayer shawls are being made to be given as a means of comfort and blessing to persons within and outside St. Peter's. Each shawl has a prayer leaflet included. Other projects will include knit hats for homeless persons and baby blankets for our youngest baptized children. Becky Kerrigan and Lori Butler coordinate the group which includes both beginning and experienced knitters.

Lay Eucharistic Visitors

Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEVs) are specially trained and licensed lay people who take communion to parishioners who are not able to make it to church. This could be because of issues related to aging or short-term reasons such as recovery from illness or surgery. Teams of two LEVs each are assigned a particular parishioner to visit on a monthly basis. the teams are commissioned from one of the Sunday services to take communion to the parishioner shortly after the service, so that person can continue to feel a part of the parish family. . Formal training is provided by the Rector, and then once licensed by the Bishop, the LEV goes through some on-the-job training by a current LEV.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Lay Eucharistic Visitor (LEV), please contact me, Laura McCarthy at, Father David Michaud at or Pastor Greg Harbaugh at

Hospital Visits

Please contact the Parish office or Father David Michaud at or Pastor Greg Harbaugh at to schedule a visit.

St. Peter’s Care Team

The Parish Caring Team is comprised of volunteers from around the parish who are willing to help out when a parishioner has a need. This could be transportation to and from church services/events or to doctors' appointments. It could be providing goodies for our annual Christmas Caroling event, preparing meals to those recovering from surgery, or visiting someone in the hospital. The Caring Team also helps parents when they first bring home a newborn or adopted or foster child. There is also a volunteer who sends out birthday cards. When a need arises, an email is sent to those on the Parish Caring Team and if someone can help at that time, then great! If not, he or she may be able to help another time. It's easy to join: just provide your name and email address to Pastor Greg Harbaugh at