Welcome to the St. Cecilia Guild of St. Peter's

An Invitation from St. Peter's Music Director Daniel Cherrix to Join the St. Cecilia Guild

Dear Friend,

Gratitude, Thanksgiving, Excitement, and Appreciation are a few of the deep well of words and emotions that immediately come to me when I think about my fortunate position of being your Music Director. To make glorious music to the glory of God, to help a historic Episcopal parish thrive, to strive for the Gospel message alongside talented and loving clergy and laity is what makes my life worth living. To have the great privilege to do this on this land we call The Eastern Shore (the land where my father grew up and many generations before him) is nothing short of a miracle. I am grateful.

Our Music Ministry is changing and growing because many of your church friends are members of the The St. Cecilia Guild.  I am so thankful for what they have done, for their love of St. Peter’s, and that they see how Music, Art, and beautiful, meaningful Liturgy can draw people to Christ. We’ve heard of the Beauty of Holiness mentioned in Psalm 96; there is also a concept called the Holiness of Beauty. When Holiness and Beauty grow together, like we are seeing at St. Peter’s (even in the midst of a pandemic), the effect is life changing and world changing.

Here are few things that The St. Cecilia Guild facilitated this past year:

  1. The Choral Scholars Program – together, through this program, we are adding an invaluable component to the educational experience of young musicians, not to mention, exposing them to the life-giving Love of God. We facilitate legitimate musical connection to the church that they might otherwise never have the opportunity to realize. We are uniting Town and Gown.
  2. The new Audio Visual system – together we are now able to reach an unlimited number of people with our liturgies, concerts, programs, Virtual Choir, Hymn of the Day, and educational opportunities. We are, in fact, global.
  3. Community Engagement – together through radio and print ads St. Peter’s has increased visibility across Delmarva.
  4. Staff – together we are able to continue to have an incredible director of our beautiful Handbell Choir, a professional bass in our Choir, as well as, two unbelievable non-stipendiary staff: our talented Church Musician in Residence and our devoted Music Ministry Librarian.

Now, here are a few of the things I have in mind for 2019-2020:

  1. More concerts and special events both virtually and, when able, in person
  2. The Service of Compline sung by our Choral Scholars.
  3. S. Fahey’s Christian Musical “Keepers Of The Flame.”
  4. A MLK Weekend Service of Scripture and Spirituals with organist Alvin Blount and readers from select community leaders. Saturday morning will feature an opportunity for local children to engage with our sacred space, the artist, and create art of their own.
  5. A Harpsichord Weekend for children and adults featuring the principal continuo player of the North Carolina Symphony, Dr. Beverly Biggs.
  6. St. Peter’s Music School – the precursor to the Choir School Of The Lower Shore
  7. Enhancements to our new Audio Visual system - including a camera above the organ console.
  8. Expansion of our Choral Scholar Program - enabling us to transition to the traditional Anglican cathedral and collegiate double-choir experience.

St. Cecilia Guild members made an incredible difference in 2019-2020, and I ask that you now also become a member of The Guild for the program year 2020-2021. Gifts to The Guild are much like gifts one would make to a High School BOOSTER CLUB. These gifts make dreaming, changing, and growing possible.

Allow me to address a few scenarios:

1. If you are among the inspiring number of persons who is already giving to St. Peter’s at the top of your current capacity, I enthusiastically thank you and ask that you please make a similar gift this year. A gift to the St. Cecilia Guild should not be given in lieu of a pledge to St. Peter’s Church.

2. If you have friends or family who have become a new, virtual participant in our liturgical, artistic, congregational life, I implore you to pass this letter on to them and encourage them to express their appreciation for our work by joining The Guild.

3. Most importantly, please pray for me and for your other musicians.

Exciting things are happening, have happened, and will continue to happen at St. Peter’s. I humbly and gratefully ask that you help by becoming a member of The St. Cecilia Guild. There are a number of levels in which to become a member of The Guild, and I ask that you prayerfully choose the level which best reflects your commitment to your music ministry. Click the Brochure and Membership Registration Button to the left, print out the brochure and fill in the Membership Registration and mail it along with your contribution to the church.  You can also pay on line by clicking the Pay Membership On-line button and then email me your contact information:  danielc@stpeterschurch.net. Step boldly, with me, into Christ’s calling to love our neighbor, and let us serve Him with gladness through excellence in Liturgy and Art.

Yours faithfully,